Words| What if

By Esther Adwets


What if I woke up today,and couldn’t read the apology you left at my door?

What if I answered none of the questions you asked? Not because I didn’t have answers, but because of my then inability to speak,

Or pronounce a single letter of the alphabet?

What if I could tell you no more,how much love resided in my heart for you, remind you no more that it was all fine if the feeling wasn’t mutual?

What if,it was from a sweet dream that I couldn’t wake up,to narrate it to you? To tell you how well we were doing when I closed my eyes.
What if I closed my eyes forever,hoping to see us doing well there?

What if,I could breathe no more,speak no more,love no more,feel no more … with eyes that open no more?

What if?
What if this was the last time?

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