Words| The Artisan

By A Forgotten Deity
The workshop is a well lit room full of tools and projects. Some complete and others that have lost their essence. Wood shavings are scattered in various parts of the room, how else would you know work happens here.

The artisan is a middle-aged bloke of average height. His clean shaven face and spectacles make him look younger than he is. He is a neat freak, you can tell by the way he handles his tools and work. His apron is clean and his methods are gracefully calculated. He is working on a new doll. This one is different from the rest. It’s almost as if it has a life of its own. It has a purpose, that which money cannot buy. He’s on the finishing touches and it’s definitely a masterpiece.

A little girl walks into the workshop timidly. She isn’t sure if her presence is welcome today. However, she has nowhere else to go since all her friends are locked up in their houses. Their strict mothers instilling lady like lessons upon them. So she came to the one place she knew she’d find her best friend.

“You know you aren’t supposed to be here?” He asks.
“I do but Margaret isn’t speaking to me and the others have been called home.” She replies timidly.
“Hmm that’s a pity. Okay get in.”

With that, her face lights up and she bumbles across the room and right next to the artisan. She is curious about his new project since he has been very secretive about it lately. However, the table is a bit tall so she can only see his elbows at work.

“It’s not ready.” He says.
“Can’t I have a sneak peek? Just a little?”
“Haha nice try. Patience little one, patience. It’ll be done sooner than later.”

The artisan continues with his project in silence and the little girl picks one of the uninspired pieces and for a moment she is lost in her own kingdom. A kingdom of princesses, price charmings, endless ponies and clouds made of cotton candy.

“Hey, can the princess of the fairies come here for a minute?”
“No… it’s the princess of the daisies and she’s a queen now but she isn’t married yet as her prince is stuck in the evil wizards castle…” She rambles on about her new adventure, which is more like a continuation.

The artisan listens keenly as if questions will be asked later. Actually there will be questions later but not in the way you’d expect. Her imagination was his muse and he never took it for granted.

A short while later she stops and comes up to the artisan. He picks her up and sits her on his lap then he hands her the new doll.
“What do you think?”
“I love it. It’s really beautiful. It’s almost like…” She gasped as it hits her. This isn’t any ordinary doll. It has a purpose.

The artisan smiles for he knows his mission has been accomplished and he lives for these moments. When a toy comes to life and gives life to a young one. They are honest, the elderly have forgotten what it means to be honest. This life demands of them. Heck, he forgets it too but these moments make it all worthwhile.

“How was she like?”

He takes off his spectacles, looks her in the eye and takes a deep breath.

“She was complicated.”
“What is com…com…comlited?”
He smiles at her effort. She’s smart and curious. That’s a good thing.
“C-o-m-p-l-i-c-a-t-e-d is a word adults use to describe someone when the world doesn’t understand them.”
“Like my Math teacher?”
He couldn’t help but laugh at this.
“Yeah something like that but less like school and more like life.”
“Hmm…I still don’t get it.”
“Okay…mum was like a wild fire. No one could tame her. She was honest and loyal to a fault. Most people don’t get that. She really didn’t know much about love but you she did love. God knows she couldn’t love me as much. She tried but some things aren’t meant to be tried or learnt, they just happen.”
“Hmm… I’ll need to sleep on this.”
“Haha… you’re sounding more like me now.”

She hugs the artisan and drops from his lap. After one last look at the doll she makes an attempt to give it back.
“Keep it. It’s yours. After all it’s your birthday. Happy birthday siz.”

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