Words| Perfect

By Felix Angaga

I forgot your name of late since they call you the late

The dances in the dark of two shadows was perfect
We knew no judge since left or right we made the body move
Memories built on a template, a written book of love
The tears of a man is only seen in her shadows
I buried her feelings on my pillow in the night, soaked and dumped

Yesterday was just a fairytale
Today she walks on the aisle,
He puts his ring on her finger, the only ring I gave her was a promise ring
She shades a tear, she is happy, the only tear she shed was when we fought
Two became one
We became two different individuals
He found LOVE, I only had lust
Our sunset silhouettes now ghosts of tomorrow
Nightmares of her wedding dress still haunt me
I thought I found a girlfriend, he found a woman to carry his children
We went out to party, for she looked perfect, he prayed to get a wife
I led her to him with our favourite song playing…

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