Words| Kill Him

By Aloo Odundo

‘Kill him.’

Daniel’s stare tore right through me. I was petrified.

It worsened day by day.

The battering, the insults – the love.

‘Drive a dagger into his chest.’

‘Okay Daniel. I’m sorry. I’ll change. I’ll be a better wife.’

Calm. Cool. Collected.

The only way I would calm him down. Apologise for his mistakes. Apologise for his insecurities. Apologise. To the narc.

He didn’t know I was half of both.

He spent his days tormenting me. Abusing me in every possible way.

He hit me. He criticized me. He looked down on me.

He trampled my feelings.

I can’t say he was spawned by the devil himself.

His mother was an angel; his father was of no exception.

Tsk. This son of his mother.


I was a whore; for texting back my step-brother.

Uneducated; I dropped out of college because I had his child.

Dramatic; because I was grieving over the death of my unborn child.

The child he killed.

I looked into his bloodshot eyes. I winced, trying to hide the anger that was threatening to tear out of my skin and explode right on his pathetic face.

‘Pin him to the wall by his beefy neck.’

I shut my eyes. My thoughts were racing.

‘Woman! Look me straight in the eye when I’m talking to you!’ he bellowed.

He went on and on about how ugly I was.

How he was only with me because he was doing me a favour; since no one would want to settle down with an ugly whore.

How no one would ever love me like he did.

‘If this is love…’

My thoughts were cut short by a slap across my face.


Doreen picked her phone; confusion written all over her voice.

‘Hello? You’ve woken me up. What’s so important that couldn’t wait ’till-‘

‘Doreen, it’s me.’

‘I KNOW siz! It’s 3 am and -‘

‘Honey. I killed Dan.’



I pulled the kitchen knife from the gore on his neck.

His blood gushed out and some of it spilled onto my face.

I held the blade to my face; slowly ran it down to my lips.


I ran my tongue over the blunt side, making sure to lick some of his blood.

Doreen stood there, holding a body bag.

Looking very impatient.

‘Siz. Someone might walk in on-‘

‘Honey.’ I said, cutting her off.

‘I just tasted victory.’

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