Words| HE…

By Esther Adwets

He has my papa’s name
And he vibes like a mama’s boy
The sound of him speak,is quite therapeutic to my mind.

I talk a lot,maybe too much,But around him, I’m lost for words.

My throat dries up,and it becomes a struggle to say the right words.

He makes it right,
With that easy going beautiful curve that usually forms on his face, you could call it a smile, it really is.

He calls me Beauty, like it’s my very own.
So like a Dancer; rehearsing the steps of our unheard melody with utmost perfection,
I’m never, at any minute, letting him tap his feet unconsciously.
Even now, all I can ever wish is to sing him a song, that which I’ve always wanted him to hear.

At the end of it all,
I am just but a Poet; penning and emoting it all on paper.

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