Words| The Guidelines

By Moses Gitonga

Hate yourself for all the things you are not and all the things you are.
Hate everyone else because they are not what you want them to be.

Hate Her; you don’t like how she looks,
Hate Him; you don’t like how he talks,
Hate her; she keeps dodging your advances,
Hate Him; that’s where all her attention goes to,
Hate her; she annoys you,
Hate him; he also annoys you,
Hate her cause of her color,
Hate him cause of his tribe,
Hate her, she already hates you,
It’s only fair,
Hate him… you don’t know why, you just do,
You don’t even need to try,
Hate them just because, plus…
Why not?

Hate education; it only provides

an opportunity for more people to show how better they are than you,
Hate the sciences, the humanities, the math, the languages
Hate your teachers, your classmates, your school
Hate the entire lock education is supposedly the key to

Hate music because of your two left feet and deafness to tone
Hate poetry; you never seem to get what we talk about
Plus you’ve never understood the snapping thing anyway
In fact, hate all art; it acts as a reminder of the things you cannot do

Hate money…publicly, it’s because those who have it make you feel small
But privately, it’s because you don’t have any
Hate your job… everyone else hates theirs
Hate bills, they are the only thing keeping you at your job

Hate life for the things it has not given you
Hate love because it never seems to want to stay with you
Hate happiness cause all it does is make the moments without it worse
Hate peace, you know no such thing…only hear about it

Hate this and that cause you still have some hate left
And remember;
Always spread love with your tongue
But keep hate in your heart
It’s what we all do

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