Words| Intro

By Kanja

I wonder when they’ll start to listen

If they’ll ever zoom out and see my vision,

All this for my team

They’ve always been a million,

I’m declaring it now

That Kanja’s for the children,

I mean you got a good message

Mines just more prudent,

Look around with marvel

And realize that we’re all rooted,

I know I’m here for a purpose

But they just want me to get suited.

Destiny will find its way to you,

Patience and a free mind

The only things that’ll get you through,

And love is all you have to do.

Best be prepared of what is to come,

Because when all is said and done

You don’t want to let slip

That you had asked,

Knowledge is power

But it’s all in the past

True power comes

From the people’s trust,

What we got now

Is a one handed dance

While they take from the

Back of our pants

And we unknowingly

Give them more with

Our own hand,

I call that ignorance

And well play of their cards,

Providing asymmetric information

Will always result in an upper hand.

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