Name: Black diversity 254

Date of formation: September 2015

Role: Online Kenyan Art and Lifestyle Magazine


Black diversity 254 styled as BD254 is a Kenyan online magazine that came about around mid-2015 with the aim of providing a platform for upcoming Kenyan artists to showcase their works and connect them with interested parties. Its target audience and/or market is the sceptical Kenyan and world audience that believes that Kenya has nothing to offer in terms of authentic, quality art; hence the tagline: Celebrating Kenya!!

The magazine also aims to promote Kenyan fashion by holding proper shoots with developing models, designers, photographers and make-up artists on a monthly basis. It also promotes the artists by periodically putting up their profiles on the site and social media handles and holding interviews with them.

Through its travel segment, Blackdiversity 254 drives to boost Kenya’s domestic tourism figures. This is not only targeted at the main tourist attractions but also places that are rarely highlighted but are marvels and gems of the nation. These regions are currently focused on Nairobi and its environs but the plan is to expand deeper into the country sooner than later. Its team of editors always strives, to bring out a vivid picture of what is being showcased so as to connect with the people instead of just selling what is being showcased. They aim to make the people understand the journey from the conception to the end product while highlighting the beauty of it all.

For BD (which when pronounced means hard work in Swahili) the journey has just began and it will always strive to promote GOOD Kenyan art without discrimination. Be it musicians, designers, artisans, chefs etc; this is the right place to get your voice heard and YES, THIS IS KENYA!


Facebook: black diversity 254

Twitter:    @BD_254

Instagram: black_diversity254

Email: diversityblack@gmail.com


Need more information? Just peep in to the contact us page or the handles displayed above and hit us up. We are more than happy to be of assistance.


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