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Black diversity 254 styled as #BD254 is a Kenyan online magazine that came about around mid-2015 with the aim of providing a platform for upcoming Kenyan artists to showcase their works and connect them with interested parties. Our target audience and/or market is the sceptical Kenyan and world audience that believes that Kenya has nothing to offer in terms of authentic; quality; art hence the tagline: This is Kenya!! On the other hand, it aims at promoting Kenyan fashion by holding proper shoots with upcoming models, designers, photographers and make-up artists on a monthly basis. This is aimed at dispelling the assumption that to join the Kenyan modelling and fashion industry you have to act shady. We promote the artists by constantly putting up their profiles on our site and holding interviews with them. On the other hand, we highlight events and showcase them and like to be active participants in their activities. We aim to promote Kenya as a country through the travel segment. This is not only targeted at the main tourist attractions but also places that are rarely highlighted but are of equal importance to the artists. These regions are currently focused on Nairobi and its environs. This is so as to help artists find an easy way to get to these places and also to help these places get the recognition they duly deserve. Our team of editors always strives, to bring out a vivid picture of what is being showcased. The aim for this is to connect with the people instead of just selling what we are showcasing. Our aim is to make the people understand fully the journey to the end product and also bring out the beauty of it. For BD (which when pronounced means hard work in Swahili) the journey has just began and it will always strive to promote GOOD Kenyan art without discrimination. Be it musicians, designers, artisans, chefs etc. This is the go to, to get your voice heard and YES THIS IS KENYA!


By Aloo Odundo

My hands trembled. I was angry, hurt, confused all at once.She kept texting and my replies were instant. We were tearing each other apart; or so I thought.

I ran into my room and flung my head at the wall. I was too upset for words. I yanked my clothes off the hangers in my wardrobe and threw them into my suitcase.

Words| Intro

By Kanja

I wonder when they’ll start to listen

If they’ll ever zoom out and see my vision,

All this for my team

They’ve always been a million,

I’m declaring it now

That Kanja’s for the children,

I mean you got a good message

Mines just more prudent,

Look around with marvel

And realize that we’re all rooted,

I know I’m here for a purpose

But they just want me to get suited.

Destiny will find its way to you,

Patience and a free mind

The only things that’ll get you through,

And love is all you have to do.

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Words| The Guidelines

By Moses Gitonga

Hate yourself for all the things you are not and all the things you are.
Hate everyone else because they are not what you want them to be.

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Words| HE…

By Esther Adwets

He has my papa’s name
And he vibes like a mama’s boy
The sound of him speak,is quite therapeutic to my mind.

I talk a lot,maybe too much,But around him, I’m lost for words.

My throat dries up,and it becomes a struggle to say the right words.

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By Olive Chao

I heard they are called feelings.
The uneasiness I feel when he is around
My loss of words when he speaks
The shame at my blondness
Yet my hair is as black as coal
And Waswahili walinena, “Akili ni nywele, kila mtu anazake”.

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By Joseph Ngugi

I have lived most of my life thinking that romantic love is a delusion; a futile edge against the existential terror that is our own singularity and then I met her and that forced me to reexamine my convictions. Several months have gone by now and our conversations have gotten deeper and deeper with every passing minute. I have somewhat become an addict to her affection, her smile, her laughter, her ever radiant happy character and the charisma that comes with it. I have come to miss every aspect of her that a few years ago would have said with utmost certainty is a delusion.

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Words| Campus girls and fake hair

By Rehema Zuberi

For those who went to girl high schools, they know how easy it was identifying someone from the back. This was because of the pushback or keep-it-short hairstyle most of the schools advocated for. In varsity, you would pass 10 friends as everyone is wearing the same damn hair!

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Words: Paint me 1

By Moses Gitonga

My flaws have me convinced,
Am not worthy of this gift,
The audacity of me!!
To think that I can keep an angel satisfied with walking the ground like a regular being.
I’m a being regular in all sense of the word,

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Words| Timeless

By Melvyn Noel

Tick tock I stare up at the clock,
In a silent whisper I hear it talk,
I wonder why they call it midnight,
Yet already morning is in sight,

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Words| Dating: The modern game of thrones     

By Joseph Ngugi

Dating has in the modern day and age become a game. A game of thrones: a game characterized by who holds more power and consequently who holds the reigns in the relationship. The concept of power in these relationships is determined by who cares more or less. The more you care, the less power you have and the more power you give. It’s all about who cares more and who can show it less.

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