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Black diversity 254 styled as #BD254 is a Kenyan online magazine that came about around mid-2015 with the aim of providing a platform for upcoming Kenyan artists to showcase their works and connect them with interested parties. Our target audience and/or market is the sceptical Kenyan and world audience that believes that Kenya has nothing to offer in terms of authentic; quality; art hence the tagline: This is Kenya!! On the other hand, it aims at promoting Kenyan fashion by holding proper shoots with upcoming models, designers, photographers and make-up artists on a monthly basis. This is aimed at dispelling the assumption that to join the Kenyan modelling and fashion industry you have to act shady. We promote the artists by constantly putting up their profiles on our site and holding interviews with them. On the other hand, we highlight events and showcase them and like to be active participants in their activities. We aim to promote Kenya as a country through the travel segment. This is not only targeted at the main tourist attractions but also places that are rarely highlighted but are of equal importance to the artists. These regions are currently focused on Nairobi and its environs. This is so as to help artists find an easy way to get to these places and also to help these places get the recognition they duly deserve. Our team of editors always strives, to bring out a vivid picture of what is being showcased. The aim for this is to connect with the people instead of just selling what we are showcasing. Our aim is to make the people understand fully the journey to the end product and also bring out the beauty of it. For BD (which when pronounced means hard work in Swahili) the journey has just began and it will always strive to promote GOOD Kenyan art without discrimination. Be it musicians, designers, artisans, chefs etc. This is the go to, to get your voice heard and YES THIS IS KENYA!

Words| Scar

It’s not a scar
It’s a reminder 
Of a time when u & I
Were more than pronouns
More than just names to an old list
It’s a reminder of a time
When the sun went with all our dreams 
And the moon made sure it brought them back every night 
Whether it was full half or new
Didn’t matter to us 

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To be honest, this has been the most elusive concept we’ve ever undertaken. We started looking for a barbershop/ salon to partner with early this year but we kept getting let down. However, a few months back we noticed a new salon had sprung up and its selling point was its hospitality. We approached them and honestly from the reception to execution, we were impressed. Mirror mirror KE is definitely true in its selling point and you should definitely book an appointment as the pics are merely a sneak peek into the premises. Continue reading BD254 @ MIRROR MIRROR KE

WORDS| Unknown Language

In the language of the unknown
You can’t keep dancing with the devil, and ask why you’re still in hell.
Hell, is when my best dreams and worst nightmares have the same people in them
I’m in a good school, I may get an A in my exams,
I may go to a good university…
I have valid dreams

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Writing an artist’s bio

Before I begin my tutorial, I have to apologize for being late on this article. Truth be told as I was doing my research, I realised that I was probably as blank and misinformed or underinformed(if such a word exists) on the nitty-gritties of writing a bio. However, my previous article on what goes into the bio is pretty much on point and in case you missed it I’d suggest clicking here to get you started.

To today’s topic: Writing an artist’s bio. First of all, you have to understand that a bio is not a cv or a cover letter or motivation letter; I can’t stress this enough. This is basically a short introduction about yourself. It’s more or less a tip of the iceberg with hints of what depth the submerged part is. With this in mind, the length should be quite short. Short enough to fit in a moderately lengthy paragraph. Continue reading Writing an artist’s bio

#cookingwithCICI [special edition]: Sweet Chilli Chicken Sliders

Heya guys! Today, I have the honour of authoring this guest post. My name is Ivy Mabelle and together with one of my bestest friends, Cynthia Okech, we have a segment on  called #cookinwithCICI in which we share awesome recipes. Much like the one we have here. Talk about melting in your mouth! You won’t be able to help yourself from going for seconds with these sliders. You can make them for a casual hangout or get-to-together, I can guarantee they will be a hit amongst your homies. So what are you waiting for; let’s get crackin’! Continue reading #cookingwithCICI [special edition]: Sweet Chilli Chicken Sliders


From the title and featured image you should already have an idea where this is headed. This shoot was meant to fuse the art of photography with the stroke of the brush hence a lot of shots and strokes. Before unveiling the production list and photos, we’d like to thank Diana Wangari for providing us with the space and artworks to make this a success. We owe you one love. So without further ado BD254 presents… COLOURS. Continue reading COLOURS

What goes into an artist’s bio

Last year I happened to attend a workshop on maximizing your creative potential courtesy of Music of the People. This workshop was tailored towards educating artists on what they need in when taking the next step from a free act to actually start earning.

One of the panelists was the man behind the former Thursday night live gig at choices. He goes by the name Rashid Jibril and his wisdom was a marvel.  His main focus was on drafting a proper bio. Most creatives, especially in Kenya barely know what this is let alone have one. The ones who have it mostly have a skeleton framework of what is required.  This greatly puts them at a disadvantage when international and corporate opportunities as they are not able to sell themselves or their craft.  Continue reading What goes into an artist’s bio

WORDS| Navalayo’s

image by John Onyango


A thousand deaths I have died

And many tears I have cried

But look at me, I’m still alive

I begged but the devil wouldn’t take me

It was even worse to have the creator forsake me Continue reading WORDS| Navalayo’s


Love is a journey with road-bumps and pit-stops; just keep going

Deeee 2017

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Why you should attend the Kaya album launch.


This Saturday from 5-9 pm at the Michael Joseph Centre, history will be made as a very talented hiphop artist who goes by the stage name Jemedari will be launching his debut album Kaya. He’s the same guy who brought you suits and mics. He’s a visionary and my interview with him was eye opening but for that you’ll have to exercise some patience till next month when we run the Hiphop month. Speaking of interviews, we were lucky to catch him just in time before his launch and he was able to give us some insight on why this event is a must attend.  Continue reading Why you should attend the Kaya album launch.