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Black diversity 254 styled as #BD254 is a Kenyan online magazine that came about around mid-2015 with the aim of providing a platform for upcoming Kenyan artists to showcase their works and connect them with interested parties. Our target audience and/or market is the sceptical Kenyan and world audience that believes that Kenya has nothing to offer in terms of authentic; quality; art hence the tagline: This is Kenya!! On the other hand, it aims at promoting Kenyan fashion by holding proper shoots with upcoming models, designers, photographers and make-up artists on a monthly basis. This is aimed at dispelling the assumption that to join the Kenyan modelling and fashion industry you have to act shady. We promote the artists by constantly putting up their profiles on our site and holding interviews with them. On the other hand, we highlight events and showcase them and like to be active participants in their activities. We aim to promote Kenya as a country through the travel segment. This is not only targeted at the main tourist attractions but also places that are rarely highlighted but are of equal importance to the artists. These regions are currently focused on Nairobi and its environs. This is so as to help artists find an easy way to get to these places and also to help these places get the recognition they duly deserve. Our team of editors always strives, to bring out a vivid picture of what is being showcased. The aim for this is to connect with the people instead of just selling what we are showcasing. Our aim is to make the people understand fully the journey to the end product and also bring out the beauty of it. For BD (which when pronounced means hard work in Swahili) the journey has just began and it will always strive to promote GOOD Kenyan art without discrimination. Be it musicians, designers, artisans, chefs etc. This is the go to, to get your voice heard and YES THIS IS KENYA!

WORDS| Unknown Language

In the language of the unknown
You can’t keep dancing with the devil, and ask why you’re still in hell.
Hell, is when my best dreams and worst nightmares have the same people in them
I’m in a good school, I may get an A in my exams,
I may go to a good university…
I have valid dreams

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Another Letter to Time

Time is of the essence…

Full Stops

Hey there Sir
What’s good?
I want to say hello in a bunch of ways; pleasantries from multiple generations. From a baby screaming her lungs out to a pant-sagging teen saying, “Wassup! ” to the simple, “hallo” from the men of old.

You see, sir, I have a problem addressing you. I can’t quite find the comfort in addressing you by your own terms.
Afternoon? Evening? Good morning?
No. We’re not having any of that. Besides, at twelve minutes to two a.m., there’s no prescribed way of calling your attention to this brief correspondence.
I hope you’re not too sleepy. I hope you’ve had a slow week. I hope you haven’t been too busy. I hope you finally grew weary. I hope the race became too long for you.
I mean, we’re always running against you. We’re always losing – and losing badly – but we never stop trying. We…

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Simple Kitchen| Simple spaghetti mix

I often find plain spaghetti a little bit of a boring dish, even when had with stew. So here I’ll cook with you a less boring spaghetti dish. Enjoy! Continue reading Simple Kitchen| Simple spaghetti mix

Oven Baked Beef

There are times we want to eat our left over food and still have some freshness in our food. My curiosity led to a journey of discovery and I learnt that using an oven is as easy as ABC. This simple recipe is also a way to bring in new skills to the kitchen either at a visit to close family or even at home. I will teach you how to cook some oven baked beef using just honey and salt as my spice. Continue reading Oven Baked Beef

Words| This Thing

by the loving artist

surreal-digital-art-huseyin-sahin-2-58d37c74e9503__880Some days are special. Some days you wake up and you notice the birds chirping outside your window. These are the kind of days when you really feel that the world has the potential to be beautiful. That it was indeed intended to be a garden with rivers of honey and gold flowing freely. That all men were destined to be equal, to eat fruit and to pet cheetahs; to weigh the world between their ears, to mull over the balance that is needed in the animal kingdom and to ponder upon the issues that arose the previous day – the smaller animals’ complaints against the larger ones. To meditate. To reason. To think.

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The 504

by skrapbuk_ke

_MG_6220Growing up in Machakos in the early 90s the most revered automotive brand my father would talk to me about was Peugeot.  His enthusiasm for the brand ignited a curiosity in me and I began to notice that he had more than enough reason to give the brand so much credit. At the time, the Peugeot 504 had taken Kenya by storm for a few years already. It was the police man’s vehicle of choice, it was a taxi, a family car, a farmer’s best friend, a matatu, a school bus, a van; you name it, it could do it. Continue reading The 504

Writing an artist’s bio

Before I begin my tutorial, I have to apologize for being late on this article. Truth be told as I was doing my research, I realised that I was probably as blank and misinformed or underinformed(if such a word exists) on the nitty-gritties of writing a bio. However, my previous article on what goes into the bio is pretty much on point and in case you missed it I’d suggest clicking here to get you started.

To today’s topic: Writing an artist’s bio. First of all, you have to understand that a bio is not a cv or a cover letter or motivation letter; I can’t stress this enough. This is basically a short introduction about yourself. It’s more or less a tip of the iceberg with hints of what depth the submerged part is. With this in mind, the length should be quite short. Short enough to fit in a moderately lengthy paragraph. Continue reading Writing an artist’s bio

Simple Kitchen| Mixed Rice

Hello again, and welcome to the simplistic adventures of my kitchen. Today we’re having mixed rice (it’s absolutely brilliant with avocado). Continue reading Simple Kitchen| Mixed Rice

Words| Dreams

“What if I was wrong?”
That’s the question that scares me to my bones. It’s the feeling I get just as I’m about to do something big.
“What if I wasn’t?”
That’s the second scariest question. Damn. It’s like I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t.
That’s the thing with dreams; you never know until you try. But nobody really tells you how hard it is to try. How hard it is to get that first foot off the ground and place it a few inches ahead of yourself, when you can’t see the ground you’re stepping onto.
What if there’s thorns? What if there’s quicksand?
“But what if it’s everything I ever imagined it would be?” Sometimes you almost feel stupid to harbor such a hope. To look at all the odds, and go against the current in chasing your dreams. And to keep in mind that it’s a lifelong journey and things could change any day. Any minute. Any second.

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#cookingwithCICI [special edition]: Sweet Chilli Chicken Sliders

Heya guys! Today, I have the honour of authoring this guest post. My name is Ivy Mabelle and together with one of my bestest friends, Cynthia Okech, we have a segment on  called #cookinwithCICI in which we share awesome recipes. Much like the one we have here. Talk about melting in your mouth! You won’t be able to help yourself from going for seconds with these sliders. You can make them for a casual hangout or get-to-together, I can guarantee they will be a hit amongst your homies. So what are you waiting for; let’s get crackin’! Continue reading #cookingwithCICI [special edition]: Sweet Chilli Chicken Sliders