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Words| The List

A few years ago I developed a habit. When things went wrong I would take a long walk and try to think things through. That used to help. Take time to look at everything objectively. People call it clearing your mind. Not sure that’s what I was doing, but usually after the walk I felt a lot better.

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Words| That Touch

A story is told in the bible about Jesus and a leper. As Jesus in His many travels was traveling through a town a leper called out to Him. He wanted Jesus to heal Him. Jesus went towards the beggar and touched him and told him ‘Your faith has made you whole’. What? JESUS TOUCHED A LEPER. Now I’m sure you are wondering what’s the significance. Jesus healed many people why did the writers of the bible find it necessary to record this particular instance in four different books of the bible. Why is this writer highlighting the story emphasizing on the touch? For the answer let’s refer to the Jewish culture.

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