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Kenya is beautiful and here’s why.


TKR comes through with the top 5 jams every week. Carefully curated by a group of specially selected Music Enthusiasts. Here is the list:

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That Ushago feel

Photograpy by MJ Kawira and Skrapbuk_ke

_MG_5779Growing up, my parents’ side hustle was farming and it did them so well they have carried on the culture to date. There’s a sense of fulfillment that comes with planting a seed and watching it grow to produce food you can consume. My favourite so far is potatoes. They have this sense of mystery as you harvest them that you only see some dried leaves protruding from the soil and you would have to dig up just to find out just how much potatoes are under the soil. Continue reading That Ushago feel


The first time I attended an Instameet, I had my Huawei Y330 to floss with and I still got great shots. Such days remind me that the passion counts more than the equipment you may have, to make something to happen. I recently attended this year’s Instameet and it was a blast. Over the last years, I have been blessed with a Canon 1200D which has brought nothing but joy in this life of mine.  Continue reading WWIM17_Nairobi


There is something special about a child’s laugh. I can’t quite explain it, but it has a raw innocence to it that makes you feel good inside. Feel Happy. It has to be a miracle of life, an innate universal language or dialect that we all understand. It should come as no surprise then, that when the offer to travel to the small town of Kimana for a weekend to visit a Children’s Home, the only question I had to ask was when do we leave? Continue reading KIMANA

To Naivasha

One of the most exciting part about having a bucket list is getting to tick something off. Especially if it’s a thing close to your heart or you are most passionate about. Well, I got to tick off a train trip to Naivasha and it was short of nothing but exciting. More so because I got to have a closer look of the scenic views I watched from afar while growing up along the escarpment of The great Rift Valley. Continue reading To Naivasha

The Place that was once home

Moving to the city was both a pleasure and torture for me. I was too excited about getting to check out all this creatives who did graffiti, dancers and all those painters that just made creating quality look so easy. I hated the fact that there was no enough space play around. Continue reading The Place that was once home

Meet the People of Hola

Hola town is in Tana River County in the Coastal side of Kenya. It is mostly occupied by the Watha and thePokomo tribes of Kenya who are nomads and farmers consecutively. To get there from Nairobi, you drive using the Thika-Garissa route which is shorter compared to using the Mombasa Road-Lamu route. Above all,they are fun loving hardworking Kenyans who speak really good Swahili.

Here goes: Continue reading Meet the People of Hola

In Love with Karura

_MG_3858In my bid to travel more I take on random trips to anywhere and explore. I had been thinking of going to Karura for the longest time but I either freaked out by the thought of going alone or got derailed by a more fun filled activity. The annual worldwide Instameet could not come at a better time and to of all places, Karura. Continue reading In Love with Karura


There are some few things that I am most certain that will not go away with age (for me) that is: random travels and photography and chocolate and snoozing…the list is endless, but just for today let me tell you about my random travel and photography fetish. Continue reading MY TALA TALES