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Christopher Wallace video premiere

Last Thursday saw us gain access to a very entertaining event where the greatest rap duo in Kenya was dropping their highly anticipated video for Christopher Wallace at Wet Lounge in Westlands. It was quite a star studded event and the video was definitely worth the wait. Here is a recap of what went down:

Special thanks to the management of TnT for hooking us up with the tickets. Continue reading Christopher Wallace video premiere


The first time I attended an Instameet, I had my Huawei Y330 to floss with and I still got great shots. Such days remind me that the passion counts more than the equipment you may have, to make something to happen. I recently attended this year’s Instameet and it was a blast. Over the last years, I have been blessed with a Canon 1200D which has brought nothing but joy in this life of mine.  Continue reading WWIM17_Nairobi

Why you should attend the Kaya album launch.


This Saturday from 5-9 pm at the Michael Joseph Centre, history will be made as a very talented hiphop artist who goes by the stage name Jemedari will be launching his debut album Kaya. He’s the same guy who brought you suits and mics. He’s a visionary and my interview with him was eye opening but for that you’ll have to exercise some patience till next month when we run the Hiphop month. Speaking of interviews, we were lucky to catch him just in time before his launch and he was able to give us some insight on why this event is a must attend.  Continue reading Why you should attend the Kaya album launch.

Why you need to attend the Y-Cafe.

Someone once told me that the Kenyan creatives industry is fuelled by two negatives: ignorance and selfishness. He argued that most creatives in the country don’t take the time to master their craft and really understand the rules, makings and workings behind it. Instead they just focus on one dimension and hope it will work. In my journey as a creative and a freelance journalist I have to say this is not far from the truth and I was one of those people. To fix this I decided to take action and figure this industry out. It was around this time that the genesis of Y-Cafe at the YMCA came to my attention. I was lucky enough to attend the first edition and I was intrigued enough to decide to share this hidden gem and why as a creative or someone willing to understand the Kenyan industry you should attend this event. Continue reading Why you need to attend the Y-Cafe.


Koch Fest 2016 was finalised by the main event held at Our Lady of Fatima Secondary School grounds in Kariobangi Noth. Continue reading KOCHFEST 2016

Untamed Imagination


Name: Untamed Imagination

Date: 4th June

Venue: http://www.afrivazi.com

Time: 18:00 hrs

Damage: Good net

For all you fashion and art lovers be sure to log in to http://www.afrivazi.com on the 4th of June for this one of a kind online/live stream fashion event. With performances from Reag the band, Lele ngoma and more; models from Velour model management agency; designs from rift valley leather, Urs Trully, Fashion Mountain and more what’s there not to like? So save the date and it’s online so all you need is a good wifi hotspot, some hot cocoa with some junk food and you are ready to go. Tell everyone and let’s all be part of this. Catch you there.

For more details you can check out the event page on facebook by the same name i.e. Untamed Imagination or just log on to http://www.afrivazi.com.





Name: MOTP 4

Venue: Kariobangi North, Landmark Plaza Parking Lot

Facebook: Music of the people

Mail: ofthepeoplemusic@gmail.com

Phone: 0716077725

If you are a fan of live music performances well this is the event for you. Save the date and make your way to the stated venue and join the MOTP family and BD254 for the 4th edition of their monthly event. See you there.