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She’s gonna be performing at Blankets and Wine this Sunday. A Kenyan with German\Italian roots, her music is soulful and will make you appreciate life from a totally new angle. We got the chance to interview Maia & the Big Sky just after the release of her latest album: Continue reading INTRODUCING| MAIA AND THE BIG SKY

TnT at the Christopher Wallace video launch

TnT is a Kenyan rap duo that consists of the hell spitting Timmy Blanco and the hook swinging Twenny Eights. They are carrying the hiphop torch to Olympic standards and if any of their recent projects is anything to go by the Trap is strong with these folks. We happened to attend the premiere of the Music video for their hit Christopher Wallace. We managed to get a few words from them regarding the project and any future plans. Here’s what they had to say: Continue reading TnT at the Christopher Wallace video launch

Introducing| @quotmie

Over the centuries art has evolved from complexity to simplicity to downright nonsense(depending on who you speak to). However, today’s feature is an artist who dabbles in a very unexplored territory in the artmospherekoff koff. Most of you know it as doodling. Calm thy crawlers before you start lynching me. In this case I am not referring to those mundane sketches you do when bored but a more complex form of it but it still retains it’s simplicity. He showcased his newest work in the recently concluded art fair at the sarit centre and believe me when I say,”Seeing is believing.” His work incorporates a lot of imaginations, cartoons and other forms of artistic expression. He goes by the name of Quotmie and he is an awesome artist and a pretty cool fellow. Continue reading Introducing| @quotmie

Presenting| Mr. Jemedari

Kenyan hiphop has been for a while been downplayed and graced with controversy from one reason to the next.

However, in the recent past the current generation has in one way or another tried to push away this perception. From their branding, performances and even presentation.

Last year, at the bomblast memorial concert held at memorial park, I happened to be a witness to this new age development and I was amazed. The artist in question this time happened to be none other than Jemedari. Continue reading Presenting| Mr. Jemedari

Presenting| Mwafrika

Acknowledge yourself that you want to succeed, plan how you want to be successful and categorise what you want to be as a poet.


The Kenyan spoken word/ poetry scene has made major leaps and bounds. It is currently and arguably the most appreciated art form within creatives. Poets are the only artists who are listened to. No matter who you are, where you come from, the audience is always accommodating and supportive as compared to other art forms. The fans are loyal and they are always ready to listen to someone new and give them a chance.

I met Mwafrika at the first edition of the YCafe and what struck me was his humility. I could tell he was genuinely enthusiastic about featuring on the magazine and he had passion for his work. We finally got to have a sit down with him and the phrase ‘Never judge a book by its cover kept ringing in my mind.’ Continue reading Presenting| Mwafrika

Presenting| @Tribesmen Africa

Kenyan music has come a long way from the days of bumping to Boombatrain by Nameless and E-Sir, to the era of crews like Camp Mulla, to  the globetrotting trendsetting Sauti Sol and the new generation of diversity all across the entertainment scene. Today we happen to be featuring a member of this new era of awakening. To say that their music is okay would be an injustice. The Their style is mainly  influenced by elements of new age urban music but they still manage to keep the core Kenyan vibe of music. They go by the name Tribesmen. We were lucky enough to catch some of their members as they were releasing their debut compilation project titled MORE and they gave us an insight into what goes into their creative process and who they are. Continue reading Presenting| @Tribesmen Africa

Introducing| Joseph Kamaru

The Kenyan house and EDM scene is quite diverse and full of really unique talented individuals. Joseph Kamaru is a very gifted artist who happens to be one of them and he does nothing short of delivering musical gold. In case you’re wondering why the name sounds familiar, it’s probably has to do with the fact that he is related to the benga maestro who goes by the same name. However, that shouldn’t fool you as this 20 year old has done nothing but carve a niche for himself without riding on his old man’s waves. From his very active SoundCloud profile to his recent compilation release titled Euphoria,  you can tell he is an artist on a mission. So here on the ‘Introducing’ segment we give you Joseph Kamaru:  Continue reading Introducing| Joseph Kamaru

Introducing| Jonathan Fraser

art is more of a means of communication, it’s more than just beauty

Jonathan Fraser

Art is a form of expression that is at times misunderstood. However, for our featured artist today his art is everything but that. He was one of the main features at the recently concluded Anatomy of me showcase at the Art Space and it was quite a marvel. Without further ado we give you Jonathan Fraser:  Continue reading Introducing| Jonathan Fraser

The Journey| Isaac Mugunda

Image courtesy of Davidmutua.com

we need more exchange programmes to nurture kids talents

Isaac Mugunda

Isaac Mugunda is a well known figure within the circle of Kenyan instrumentalists. His skill with the guitar is unrivalled. However, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in one day. So here we are with his epic journey as told by him. Continue reading The Journey| Isaac Mugunda

The Journey| Mathewmatix Rabala

There are very many good musicians, we just need to  appreciate our own artists.

Mathewmatix Rabala

Honestly speaking in the world of music especially Kenyan music, there are levels to this. Whenever, you bring up the ‘OGs’ of the system, leaving out Mathew is an injustice. The Jericho born drummer, is a soldier in the art and we had a chance to have a sit down with him and he gave us a front seat tour through his artistic journey.
Continue reading The Journey| Mathewmatix Rabala