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Interview: Trabolee gives insights into his art

Trabolee is arguably the best lyricist you have heard in a while. With his piercing lyrics and mind boggling flows, there’s few people on his level of artistry. We got a chance to talk to him about one of his recent songs, “Feedback” and get more insights into the multi-layered piece of art.

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Words| Biker Jacket

by Irungu Grace

I don’t recall the first time I came into existence, but I do recall the first words my designer said as he held me up to his face. “Perfecto! Nothing more, nothing less.” I remember the leathery scent that announced my arrival and the shop owner sniffing me and saying, “This is gonna rake me some cash.” He then carefully placed me on a mannequin. Oh my, the numerous stares I got. Never had I ever felt so admired.

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She’s gonna be performing at Blankets and Wine this Sunday. A Kenyan with German\Italian roots, her music is soulful and will make you appreciate life from a totally new angle. We got the chance to interview Maia & the Big Sky just after the release of her latest album: Continue reading INTRODUCING| MAIA AND THE BIG SKY

TnT at the Christopher Wallace video launch

TnT is a Kenyan rap duo that consists of the hell spitting Timmy Blanco and the hook swinging Twenny Eights. They are carrying the hiphop torch to Olympic standards and if any of their recent projects is anything to go by the Trap is strong with these folks. We happened to attend the premiere of the Music video for their hit Christopher Wallace. We managed to get a few words from them regarding the project and any future plans. Here’s what they had to say: Continue reading TnT at the Christopher Wallace video launch

Introducing| @quotmie

Over the centuries art has evolved from complexity to simplicity to downright nonsense(depending on who you speak to). However, today’s feature is an artist who dabbles in a very unexplored territory in the artmospherekoff koff. Most of you know it as doodling. Calm thy crawlers before you start lynching me. In this case I am not referring to those mundane sketches you do when bored but a more complex form of it but it still retains it’s simplicity. He showcased his newest work in the recently concluded art fair at the sarit centre and believe me when I say,”Seeing is believing.” His work incorporates a lot of imaginations, cartoons and other forms of artistic expression. He goes by the name of Quotmie and he is an awesome artist and a pretty cool fellow. Continue reading Introducing| @quotmie