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By Aloo Odundo

My hands trembled. I was angry, hurt, confused all at once.She kept texting and my replies were instant. We were tearing each other apart; or so I thought.

I ran into my room and flung my head at the wall. I was too upset for words. I yanked my clothes off the hangers in my wardrobe and threw them into my suitcase.

Words| The List

A few years ago I developed a habit. When things went wrong I would take a long walk and try to think things through. That used to help. Take time to look at everything objectively. People call it clearing your mind. Not sure that’s what I was doing, but usually after the walk I felt a lot better.

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By Joseph Ngugi

I have lived most of my life thinking that romantic love is a delusion; a futile edge against the existential terror that is our own singularity and then I met her and that forced me to reexamine my convictions. Several months have gone by now and our conversations have gotten deeper and deeper with every passing minute. I have somewhat become an addict to her affection, her smile, her laughter, her ever radiant happy character and the charisma that comes with it. I have come to miss every aspect of her that a few years ago would have said with utmost certainty is a delusion.

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Words| Campus girls and fake hair

By Rehema Zuberi

For those who went to girl high schools, they know how easy it was identifying someone from the back. This was because of the pushback or keep-it-short hairstyle most of the schools advocated for. In varsity, you would pass 10 friends as everyone is wearing the same damn hair!

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Words| That Touch

A story is told in the bible about Jesus and a leper. As Jesus in His many travels was traveling through a town a leper called out to Him. He wanted Jesus to heal Him. Jesus went towards the beggar and touched him and told him ‘Your faith has made you whole’. What? JESUS TOUCHED A LEPER. Now I’m sure you are wondering what’s the significance. Jesus healed many people why did the writers of the bible find it necessary to record this particular instance in four different books of the bible. Why is this writer highlighting the story emphasizing on the touch? For the answer let’s refer to the Jewish culture.

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Words| Dating: The modern game of thrones     

By Joseph Ngugi

Dating has in the modern day and age become a game. A game of thrones: a game characterized by who holds more power and consequently who holds the reigns in the relationship. The concept of power in these relationships is determined by who cares more or less. The more you care, the less power you have and the more power you give. It’s all about who cares more and who can show it less.

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Words| Forgiveness

By Ndabari Kongu

You don’t forgive people because you are weak. You forgive people because you are strong enough to know that people make mistakes. Either way I think the hardest thing to do is to forgive. If it’s easy for you to forgive, bravo to you ♥. Forgiving even yourself proves hard at some point.

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Words| A call to courtesy

By Rehema Zuberi.

This is a call to courtesy. We didn’t have it then lose it but it would be nice if we head there. As a people. Together. No one should be left behind in this initiative. It is dynamic for our easy coexistence. There are many forms of politeness, often expressed in words accompanied by gestures. I will only tackle two.

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Words| Kill Him

By Aloo Odundo

‘Kill him.’

Daniel’s stare tore right through me. I was petrified.

It worsened day by day.

The battering, the insults – the love.

‘Drive a dagger into his chest.’

‘Okay Daniel. I’m sorry. I’ll change. I’ll be a better wife.’

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Words| The First Time and The Last Time

By Fide Kibue

I slide back from them all, breathing slow, taking in the hotel air a mingled with smoke from the hashish pot and marijuana sticks, polluted by the used air from their lungs. I raise my eyes from my phone to observe the guy next to me. He looks lost in some marijuana induced dimension and he is swaying his head to some funny music that serves as the background for our never ending search of an optimum high.

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