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Words| Verge of losing it

By Kendi Rose

I have loved Danny ever since i came to know the four letter word- love. I have loved everything about him, from his obsession of cooking almost everything with garlic and ending up with a pungent smell of onions for days to his broad shoulders and heart warming smile. I love the way he just lets his hair, the way he sleeps without tossing and turning, I can never end but what I love the most is the way he loves.

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Words| Greener…I don’t think so

By Maureen Chitaha

There is a very famous saying: the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I was having a conversation with some of my classmates. One of them was talking about how they didn’t want to work for someone for all their lives. This is a thought process often professed by so many. The grand dream of being your own boss being superior to employment.

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Words| What if

By Esther Adwets


What if I woke up today,and couldn’t read the apology you left at my door?

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Words| Biker Jacket

by Irungu Grace

I don’t recall the first time I came into existence, but I do recall the first words my designer said as he held me up to his face. “Perfecto! Nothing more, nothing less.” I remember the leathery scent that announced my arrival and the shop owner sniffing me and saying, “This is gonna rake me some cash.” He then carefully placed me on a mannequin. Oh my, the numerous stares I got. Never had I ever felt so admired.

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