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Words: Paint me 1

By Moses Gitonga

My flaws have me convinced,
Am not worthy of this gift,
The audacity of me!!
To think that I can keep an angel satisfied with walking the ground like a regular being.
I’m a being regular in all sense of the word,

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Words| Timeless

By Melvyn Noel

Tick tock I stare up at the clock,
In a silent whisper I hear it talk,
I wonder why they call it midnight,
Yet already morning is in sight,

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Words| In his eyes(paint me 2)

By Moses Gitonga

My flaws have me convinced,
I am not worthy of this gift,
The audacity of me!!!
To think that he can find perfection within this vessel

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Words| Perfect

By Felix Angaga

I forgot your name of late since they call you the late

The dances in the dark of two shadows was perfect
We knew no judge since left or right we made the body move
Memories built on a template, a written book of love
The tears of a man is only seen in her shadows
I buried her feelings on my pillow in the night, soaked and dumped

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Words| This Season

By Charles Kinuthia

I see it,

In the clouds,

The swirling flow of dark grey ink,

Infesting the once pure white cotton,

Destroying the wondrous shapes I saw,

When my imagination freed itself from its chins,

Sitting on a green carpet of grass,

A book lay beside me,

That I had grown tired of reading,

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Words| Peel Me Back

By Moses Gitonga

Peel me back,
What do you think you’ll find?

Will these bones be as flawless as make-up might make you believe my skin to be?
Or do these scars run bone deep?
I appreciate the sentiment but I am no King,
I am a slave whose amnesia made him oblivious of who, what he really is,
So please…

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Words| To the girl in the music video

I hope you’re selfish with your charm
I pray we never lose this
In four minutes, you changed my dreams
A different kind of wanting
For the girl in the music video

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Words| Intoverted thoughts #1

Solitude should be man’s best friend

A chance to get away from it all

To breathe a sigh of relief

To ride our train of thought clear past the threshold of our imagination

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Words| Introverted thoughts #2

I may be smarter than I let on

Or maybe not, you’ll never know

When I descend into long periods of silence

I may be thinking

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Words| The Weak’s Cry

Reveling in the pain of someone who wronged me shouldn’t feel so good,

But it does,

The laughter I emit when I hear them cry shouldn’t sound so sweet,

But it does,

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