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The Journey| Isaac Mugunda

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we need more exchange programmes to nurture kids talents

Isaac Mugunda

Isaac Mugunda is a well known figure within the circle of Kenyan instrumentalists. His skill with the guitar is unrivalled. However, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in one day. So here we are with his epic journey as told by him. Continue reading The Journey| Isaac Mugunda

The Journey| Mathewmatix Rabala

There are very many good musicians, we just need to  appreciate our own artists.

Mathewmatix Rabala

Honestly speaking in the world of music especially Kenyan music, there are levels to this. Whenever, you bring up the ‘OGs’ of the system, leaving out Mathew is an injustice. The Jericho born drummer, is a soldier in the art and we had a chance to have a sit down with him and he gave us a front seat tour through his artistic journey.
Continue reading The Journey| Mathewmatix Rabala

The Journey | Moseh The Drummist

Music has the potential to change our society.

Moseh the drummist

In this day and age, the saying: your background doesn’t determine your future keeps being thrown left, right and centre till it has become cliché. However, very few people manage to actually walk the talk. In today’s feature we get one such person. From his humble background in Mathare to touring the world, his story is nothing short of inspiring. So today on the journey, we present to you, Moseh the Drummist : Continue reading The Journey | Moseh The Drummist

The Journey | Anto Neosoul

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The choices we make and the music we choose to make changes the corporate and public culture.

Anto Neo Soul

Art is a form of expression that is quite extensive and diverse. However, it is quite rare to find someone who has managed to capture the attention of audiences in more than one field. Such people deserve to be celebrated and one Anto Neosoul is one of those people.  Continue reading The Journey | Anto Neosoul

The Journey | Valentine Ziki

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Rise early and create

Valentine Ziki

I got to meet and see Valentine Ziki for the first time at The GoDown gig. For those of you who are not in the know, The Godown gig is a monthly live music event which happens on the last Sunday of every month at The Godown Arts Centre.  It was just after her performance (which was more than entertaining to say the least), that we managed to get her contacts and set up an interview which was quite adventurous to say the least(Nairobians specifically artists, we really need to know our city).

The interview was held at Kuona Trust. Trust me finding this place the first time is no walk in the park and  we learnt that google maps at times can lead you into the highway. After getting lost a few times we were able to finally locate the venue and here is what she had to say: Continue reading The Journey | Valentine Ziki

The Journey | Ricky Nanjero

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We need to understand what ‘living off of music‘ really means.

Ricky Nanjero

Within the music circles, jazz is revered as one of the greatest genres. From instrumentalists to vocalists the sentiments are the same. It is for this reason we decided we had to have a sit down with one of the most respected artists in the field in the country.

If you are an avid jazz events goer you should know him from his event: An evening of AfrojazzHis name is Patrick Nanjero or rather as he is commonly known; Ricky Nanjero. The Eastlands native took time to have a discussion with us via phone about his journey as and artist, his upbringing and his interests. Continue reading The Journey | Ricky Nanjero